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How does 4D Malaysia works?

4-Digits or 4D is a online lottery game in Malaysia that’s also famous in Germany, Singapore and Singapore.

How to Play Magnum 4D Toto?

To play, choose any number from 0000 to 9999. Twenty-three (23) winning numbers will be drawn, and if one of the numbers match the one that you have bought, you win a prize!

Magnum 4D is the first legitimized 4D Operator authorized by the Malaysian Government to work 4D. Before long, other lottery operators took action accordingly, as this is an extremely famous game in Singapore and Malaysia.

Malaysia 4D draws day by day and some on each Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, which match with Singapore’s 4D draw. Be that as it may, now and again, there will be an exceptional draw on Tuesday.

4D Operators in Malaysia

Magnum 4D offers the great 4D game – the player picks a 4 digit number and picks the sum he needs to wager.

Da Ma Cai has a 3D game just as 4D (which they call 1+3D). In contrast to the 1+3D, the 3D just has first, second, and third places. Prizes are fundamentally lower than 1+3D, the top prize being RM660 for Big First Place.

Sports Toto, notwithstanding the essential 4D played a similar route as Magnum and Da Ma Cai, runs 5D and 6D games also.

Haolong 4D, as known like Dragon 4D, GD Lottois a 4-digit live game (4D) from Cambodia, the leading supplier in Cambodia, that starts the 4D game.It can also be accessed in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

other operators: Sandakan STC , Sabah Lotto, Lucky Hari Hari, Perdana 4D, New WIN 4D and more!

How can I claim 4D prize in Malaysia if I won?

To claim your winning, you must produce the original winning ticket together with your identity card( Malaysia IC) or passport. Mode of payment whether cash or cheque will depend on your winning prize amount.

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